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Details, details, details…as stylish SLPs I think we can all agree that accessories can make a world of difference whether your decorating your room or choosing an outfit. This collection of posts is sure to offer plenty of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

Blank paper on lots of office supplies

Personal Accessories:

  • A Shoe-In for ASHA: Do you know how you can identify the students and CFYs at ASHA?  It’s not the dewy skin.  It’s not the never-ending enthusiasm.  It’s not even the slightly shell shocked expressions.  It’s the footwear.  It’s stylish, but it’s not terribly practical…read more

a shoe in for ASHA

  • Dean Trouts Little Shop of Crafts: Today we are delighted to have a glimpse into the Etsy Store ‘Dean Trout’s Little Shop of Crafts’ – with a guest post from Dean herself…read more
  • Nail Perfect: Today, we are thrilled to bring you this guest post from  Carrie at Carrie’s Speech Corner – I think you will agree that this nail art is to die for!  Over to Carrie…read more

  Bags & Totes:

  • An Original Tote for a Mobile SLP: We SLPs love a great tote bag!  Especially mobile SLPs – they really need a spacious, sturdy and easily transported tote that will hold all the required resources yet be relatively easy to cart around all day…read more
  • Clever Totes by 31 Gifts:  Hi, I’m Dominique, a Speech-Language Pathologist and Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts. Thanks so much, Kathryn, for this amazing opportunity to share the organizing items I love with people who share the profession I love…read more


  • Fresh Fabrics for SLPs: Hi everyone!  I am so grateful to Kathryn for allowing me to guest post today and share with you the new fabrics from which the SLP tote bags can now be made. I decided it was time to retire the old fabrics and come up with something new…read more
  • Let’s Talk with Minniebites: Hi! I’m a designer and a mom and my name is Mary Pow. I have a handmade business and online shop called MinneBites, where I sell bags and cases designed and made by me to customers all over the world. MinneBites started as cute animal shaped bags with zippers for mouths…read more

  Accessories for your Desk:

  • Personalized Desk Set: Why have generic desk accessories when you can customize and personalize to express your own unique style? Just personalize the notepad with your name and the snap tray could say “SLP” or your initials if you prefer…read more
  • Three of the Best Desk Tidies: With so many bits and pieces of stationery needed in our classrooms and speech rooms, we are always on the look-out for new ways to keep desks tidy whilst keeping stylish decor in mind.  We have searched high and low for innovative, practical and stylish desk tidies and are bringing you the top 3 that we have found….read more


  • Dressing up a Speech Room Desk: We are thrilled to have Maureen from Speech Bubble SLP over to share her fab Speech Room Desk makeover with us – let’s hear from her how she completed this fab task….read more..

  Accessories for your Speech Room:

  • Three of the Best…Clocks: Clocks – we all have them in our classrooms – often they are inherited when you arrive at your classroom and often they are a neglected item in our classroom decor!  But we have searched the web to bring you our top three clocks to ensure that you are always stylish and on time…read more
  • New Handcrafted Speech Banners:  A guest post by Dean Trout.  I have created two new banners for your speech room. Just wait until you see these!! So, so, so cute.  This SPEECH banner is called a carnival style because of its resemblance to vintage fairground banners…read more


  • FAB Speech Room Banner: Today we are thrilled to have a guest post by Dean from Dean Trout’s Little Shop of Crafts – she is introducing us to her really wonderful speech room banners – I know I would just love one of these for my speech room!  Over to you Dean…read more

DIY  Accessories:

  • Classroom Decor – Make Your Own Paper Flowers: We found this fab craft project that we just have to share with you.  We needed some flowers in tones to match our red and blue color scheme to add interest to our classroom decor and using this easy technique, we were able to make our own flowers in various colors – and quickly too…read more
  • Chevron Letters DIY: Have you embraced the chevron pattern trend? Are you ready to start decorating with chevron patterns? There are numerous projects from wall art to light switch plates, but today I will show you how to make chevron letters out of air-drying clay…read more


  • Owl Craft for Kids: Don’t you just love owls?  I think this little guy would make a great mascot for the ‘clever little owls’ in your speech room…read more
  • Washi Tape Crafts: If you are a Pinterest addict like me then you can’t help but see all the beautiful washi tape craft ideas on there. There are so many cute ideas that I even started my own board to collect up all my favorite ideas…read more

Alternatively you can group your accessories by theme or color.  Have a look at these posts to see how themed accessories can really connect your space together:

Accessories can be rewarding, but none more than my FREE reward coupons!  These are action-type rewards rather than object-type rewards, which your students are really sure to appreciate.


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