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A Very “Peachie Speechie” Room Makeover

We are excited to have Meredith Avren, an SLP from, here to take us on a tour through her newly remade speech room! This room’s nostalgic touches make it so inviting, all while maintaining a crisp, clean, and modern feel. I just know you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!

When I started my job, I was delighted to be assigned a cute little speech room right next to the library. It isn’t very big, but it fits a bean table (I LOVE my bean table!) and has a huge whiteboard. For a few years, the walls were a bland, boring white color. This was my room before…cute, but in need of a little pizazz!


Luckily, my principal allowed me to do a complete speech room makeover last summer and I am excited to give you a tour!



I painted the walls blue and and installed some shelving to hold my games and craft supplies. I found some large, lightweight letters at a craft store and used them to spell “Speech Therapy” across the wall.

I am fortunate to have a built-in counter in my room. Before I was an SLP, I worked at Starbucks and the barista in me needed a coffee station at the end of the counter. I have recently added a mug stand to my coffee station that holds my SLP mugs (you can get your own SLP mugs at!) The cabinets under the counter store my bulkier items such as the audiometer, test kits, and seasonal decorations.


I collect old speech therapy materials. I just love vintage speech stuff! The walls above my whiteboard are decorated with old Pro-Ed Speech Lingo game boards from 1966. I also have a 1950’s edition of Better Speech and Better Reading: A Practice Book by Lucille Schoolfield displayed on a shelf.


To maximize the space in my room, I stick hooks on the ends of my filing cabinets and use them to hang the cards I buy on Teachers Pay Teachers. This keeps my cards organized and easy to access. When I print out new cards, I just add a new hook!


I absolutely love my little speech room. It is cozy and calm – a peachy place to spend my time! I hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into my space.


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