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Personalized Desk Set

We are back again with Dean Trout, and this week she has been kind enough to share a very sharp personalized desk set. If you’ve missed any of her other lovely handcrafted pieces please follow the links at the bottom of this post. We know you’re anxious to get your desk styled and organized for the new school year so I’ll let her get started…

It looks like I’m coming to the end of my featured products for back to school. The last thing that I want to showcase is this stylish personalized desk set.


First in this little set is a notepad holder (appx 5×7) that will hold a 3×5 notepad and a pen or pencil. You also get a matching snap tray to hold your small items like paper clips, push pins, loose change, mints, etc. Since the snap tray is 3.5 x 3.5 it will also accommodate a stack of 3″ post notes.

Why have generic desk accessories when you can customize and personalize to express your own unique style? Just personalize the notepad with your name and the snap tray could say “SLP” or your initials if you prefer.


The set above is pictured in navy vinyl with lime green embroidery, but your personalized desk set can be created with thread in any color of your choosing. See how totally different it looks with the raspberry thread?


Pretty, huh? Customize your accessories to fit your personality or your room’s color scheme. Besides navy. black, and brown, I also have these gorgeous fun colors!


Now these are sure to brighten your work space and make for a happy environment.

I find the words used to describe aqua, turquoise, and teal to be so confusing. What I call it and what others call that color may be totally different, so let me show you a close up of the “turquoise.” The company I buy this vinyl from calls this turquoise.


Let your imagination go wild and create something pretty for your new year!

This personalized desk set is now available in my Etsy store…order here

So ends all the new things I have created for your next school year…If you missed anything, check out the other great products I’ve featured this summer by clicking the links below:

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Now to focus on some new TpT products…

Until we meet again, ciao! (Random fact: I love Italy.)


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