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A Shoe-In for ASHA!

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This is a guest post from Kim Lewis M.Ed., CCC-SLP. Kim blogs at Activity Tailor and lives with her husband and two children in Greensboro NC.


Do you know how you can identify the students and CFYs at ASHA?  It’s not the dewy skin.  It’s not the never-ending enthusiasm.  It’s not even the slightly shell shocked expressions.  It’s the footwear.  It’s stylish, but it’s not terribly practical…

…and then there are those therapists who have been to a lot of conventions that simply wear running shoes.  Truly, there is a happy medium.

contrast shoes

I come from a long line of shoe devotees and we can make a pair work as long as they look good enough.  However, even I am picky about what I’ll slip on when I know my tootsies won’t have a break all day.  Here are some of my top picks for staying stylish and pain free:

Sam Edelman Flats

Sam Edelman flats:  I truly love these flats.  I have a narrow heel and the traditional ballet flat either slips and gives me terrible blisters or pinches terribly.  This style has enough structure to allow me to wear it all day with no ill effects and while this style flat isn’t known for its support, it offers enough to be on your feet all day even if you do quite a bit of walking.  I bought a pair in the spring that was so cute; I bought two more this fall. Look at all the choices!

Munro Shoes

Munro:  OK, this is a pricey brand, but if you have foot issues or regularly do presentations, you need to give these serious considerations.  These shoes are comfortable and ultra-professional. I wore these in the ASHA exhibit hall on multiple days with no issue.


Street sneakers:  If you really need to wear sneakers, consider a trendy version that is designed for day and not the gym. All those retro brands, Adidas, Puma, and Converse.  For me, lower versions are more flattering, but I love the cute fold-over high-tops. Converse even has fleece-lined versions that look perfect for colder climates. Maybe Chicago?! (I saw them at my local outlet mall; they were difficult to locate on-line and more expensive).

TOMS:  if you really aren’t willing to give in and forfeit heels, take a look at TOMS wedges. These look ultra-modern and give a big height boost, but I’ve met multiple people, even teachers, who have no trouble with these taking them through an entire day.

All weather boots

All weather boots:  I have a pair of La Canadienne boots I bought nearly ten years ago.  They’re cozy and completely waterproof, but stylish enough to keep on for the entire day.  The price has gone up a lot since I invested, but especially if you live in a cold or wet weather environment, it’s certainly worth it.

Heading to ASHA13?  Let us know what will carry you through the day!







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