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New Handcrafted Speech Banners

Hi everyone! We are delighted to be back with Dean Trout this week, and she says that it is ok to say it…enough of the door hangings already! Although they are all unique and creative, she’s decided to shake it up a bit for us. This week we are moving on and she will be showcasing two amazing new speech banners. We know you’re excited, so we won’t keep you waiting! The floor is yours Dean…

I have created two new banners for your speech room. Just wait until you see these!! So, so, so cute.

This SPEECH banner is called a carnival style because of its resemblance to vintage fairground banners.

New Handcrafted Speech Banners

The carnival style speech banner is approximately 24″ long and each individual rectangle is about 3×5 in size. The letters are embroidered in a pretty little font that flatters the style of the piece.

New Handcrafted Speech Banners

It is constructed of two fabrics creating a layered look, while the back is just plain felt to give some weight and body to the banner. The letters are simply strung onto a coordinating ribbon. Best of all, you will be given the option of choosing your own personal colors to match your room’s color scheme.

You will find this carnival banner in my Etsy store here.

I don’t think the next banner needs to be named but it is a PIRATE banner.

New Handcrafted Speech Banners

This is the perfect accessory for a pirate themed room!

It consists of 5 objects: 3 pirate ships and 2 pirate heads. Each is made of felt that I applique` and embroider, and I put eyelets in each one so they can be neatly strung on a ribbon.

The banner is approximate 30″ in length and each object is roughly 4×4 in size. I absolutely love the detail in these, from the skull and cross bones on the hat to the little anchor on the ship.

New Handcrafted Speech Banners

New Handcrafted Speech Banners

You will find this pirate banner in my Etsy store here.

Don’t you just love these? I do and am very excited to make them for you!

Next week I look forward to bringing you some fun desk accessories.


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