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Nail Perfect!

Today, we are thrilled to bring you this guest post from  Carrie at Carrie’s Speech Corner – I think you will agree that this nail art is to die for!  Over to Carrie…

Title With TextHi Everyone,

This is Carrie from Carrie’s Speech Corner.  When Kathryn asked me to write a guest post for Speech Room Style, I was certain she had the wrong person! I consider myself to be one of the world’s least fashionable SLPs!  I am married and have a 4-year old son and a dog. I work full time in a school and I am the first one up in our house bright and early in the morning. That means I grab some clothes and shoes the night before work so I’m not fumbling through the closet in the dark!  For me “work shoes” must be comfortable because I run around all day long.

But she didn’t want me to share my clothing fashion with you…She wanted me to share the one thing about me that actually IS fashionable – my fingernails!

I was introduced to Jamberry wraps when a friend had an online party that happened right through Facebook.  The party was unlike anything I’d seen on Facebook before!  The guests weren’t just asked to buy things from an online catalog. Rather, the event was interactive with the consultant providing information and running games and contests throughout the week-long event. I loved seeing pictures of all the beautiful nail designs and I figured I’d give them a try!  At $15/sheet (which gives you 2-3 applications), I wasn’t hesitant at all. I’ve tried the “drugstore” equivalents and I liked them…even though they didn’t last very long. So what did I have to lose by ordering a set of Jamberry nails (or 4)?


If you have tried the drugstore varieties, I want to tell you that Jamberry really is different in a few ways:

  1. They are made of vinyl, not nail polish so there’s no odor associated.  There’s also NO DRY TIME!  I love that I can apply them right before I go to bed!
  2. The adhesive is heat activated (Jamberry sells a mini-heater, or you can use your blow dryer). The wraps are NOT stickers.
  3. You do get more than one application! Each sheet (adult) has 18 wraps. Each is double ended so you can use one half on your right hand and one half on your left!  (If you have short nails, you can even trim the middle section to fit your nails!)
  4. There are Junior styles! Yes, Jamberry has designs specifically for children age 2-8.  Jamberry juniors come in a sheet of 42 wraps (28 of one design and 14 of a coordinating pattern).
  5. There are over 300 designs to choose from!  With so many choices, there’s something for everyone! If you’re super picky though, Jamberry offers a “Nail Art Studio” where you can create your own designs!
  6. Because they are vinyl and not made of polish, they don’t chip and they really do last much longer than the other varieties!  Jamberry wraps can last up to 2 weeks on fingernails and up to 6 weeks on toenails!  Here’s a photo of my Christmas manicure on day 14, after I broke 2 nails taking down the Christmas tree!

Candy Canes Day 14 w 2 broken nails

I ordered FOUR sets from the party I “attended” (virtually anyway).  Why four?  Because Jamberry has a Buy 3, Get 1 FREE deal!  That means that for $45.00, you get 4 sets of wraps and each can give you 2-3 manicures. That’s up to 12 manicures for $45.00, or less than $4.00 per manicure!!!  A funny thing happened once I started wearing them…my kids at school became slightly more attentive to where I was pointing and my “Jams” also became conversation starters for my speech and language groups!  I was impressed!!!

Days 1-7 collage

In fact, I was so impressed with these wraps that I decided to become an Independent Consultant for Jamberry and sell them myself!  Jamberry is a second job for me now, but what’s not to love?  I can earn some extra spending money…I “work” sharing pretty nails with other women, I “work” from home through Facebook…I get to interact with some awesome ladies, playing games, sharing photos, and helping my hostesses earn FREE nails for themselves!  I love everything about my second “job,” and it’s even giving me some benefits in my first job!


Well, that’s my Jamberry experience!  If you’d like to learn more about Jamberry – buying the wraps, hosting a party, or joining my team, please send me an email to  You can also view my Facebook page for more photos, tips for applying, and more!  I believe that if you try Jamberry, you’ll love it too!  Because of that, I’m offering a half-sheet of nails for one lucky raffle winner!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below


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  1. America Salyers says

    Hey Carrie! This may be something I might be interested in doing as well. Not positive yet, as I have had a ton of bad experience with direct sales companies. Could you please contact me with some pros and cons of the company and what I might need to know?

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