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Washi Tape Crafts

If you are a Pinterest addict like me then you can’t help but see all the beautiful washi tape craft ideas on there. There are so many cute ideas that I even started my own board to collect up all my favorite ideas (Click to follow me on Pinterest to see my board).

I find it so hard to pick my favorite colors and patterns of tape though so when I discovered Lisa Delisi’s Sticker Stop on Etsy I was over the moon!

washi tape crafts 3

Lisa will make up a custom selection of tapes for you (a yard of each) and she has a great selection to choose from. She even winds each tape around the most darling little wooden spools so you will find it easy to store or even display your collection!

My choice of tapes arrived this week and I managed to resist opening them just long enough to take a couple of snaps of Lisa’s beautiful wrapping.

washi tape crafts 1


So far I have been having fun grouping my spools into collections to spark crafty ideas. It looks like miniture washi tape city in my craft room right now.

washi tape crafts 2

When I am through with admiring them they will fit perfectly into a cute sewing tin I picked up the other day. I had been wondering just what I would use it for!

Lisa has kindly sponsored a giveaway especially for Speech Room Style readers. You can enter below to win a selection of 16 yds of her tapes.

washi tape contest(Please note:wooden stand not included in prize)


To enter, fill in your details in the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

No need to be too disappointed if you don’t win though. Lisa is offering a generous discount to all of our readers.To claim your 15% discount off any purchase over $15 from the Sticker Stop…

Enter SRSTYLE15 at checkout

(valid until 12/31/2013).




  1. I bought some Washi tape on clearance at Target, but I have never done any Washi tape crafts! Looking forward to seeing some cute ideas though!

  2. These are adorable! I love washi tape. 🙂

  3. I use it to decorate my pencils and binders as well! I also use it to decorate boring gift boxes or small boxes that are perfect size for my therapy cards.

  4. Amelie Delzer says

    I have never used washi tape, and there are so many cool ideas! I think I would have to start with the idea that I saw on Helen Mills’ blog to cover tea light holders and those look adorable!

  5. I have been longing for washi tape ever since I began seeing it pop up online but have never had the opportunity to get some. Would love to try some new crafts

  6. I have only decorated things in my mind. I have not yet purchased this fun tape but only lusted over it. I know I will find lots of great uses if I win.

  7. I have dry erase mats on my therapy table and I decorated each one with a different washi tape border.

  8. I’ve never used washi tape before… but it’s been on my wishlist on Amazon for a while now…. I’ll “borrow” some ideas from here and Pinterest when I get some.

  9. I have been admiring washi tape for awhile now and would love to get a supply starter with such a sweet giveaway! ~Denise

  10. I love washi tape!! I have so many craft ideas on my to-do list but I think they will have to wait until winter break! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  11. I love washi tape. I use it in my scrapbooking. It is also good for projects I need stuck but want to remove later….like projects for my 1 year old. I’ll tape paper up and then can easily remove it when we are done. I’ll also put different strips on the tile and have her peel them off. Great giveaway!

  12. decorating binders has to be one of my favorite washi tape projects

  13. I love decorating binders and folders to keep them fun and interesting. Plus I love when I can coordinate colors in my speech room.

  14. I would love to use washi tape for decorating binders and pencils!

  15. Haven’t used washi tape yet but I would love to!

  16. I’m a recent washi tape addict! Just love it!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway 🙂

  17. I would use this washi tape to decorate my boring clip board at work.

  18. Linda Chirco says

    A quick simple one for work…washi tape on all of my pens and pencils….they will look so cute and no one will be able to leave my room with them!

  19. Lisa Takefman says

    Just learning..would love to decorate students speech folders…

  20. Jessica Schulman says

    I keep looking at other peoples ideas for washi tape, and will be keeping my eye out for ideas here as bell. I think I will start with my binders at school.

  21. Kris Rudolph says

    just starting on the washi tape band wagon….this looks SOOOOOO fun!

  22. Looking for ideas on how to use washi tape.

  23. Amy Carlton says

    I recently used it to cover an ugly shelf in my classroom!

    • Speech Room Style says

      That must have taken a whole lot of washi tape?! I would love to see pictures of some of these neat ideas!

  24. Jennifer Smith Asbury says

    I love this stuff! I think I would start by using it to decorate binders and speech folders. I’m sure I can find other uses for washi tape. 🙂

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