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Owl Craft for Kids

Don’t you just love owls?  I think this little guy would make a great mascot for the ‘clever little owls’ in your speech room!

Owl Craft for Kids

This cutey is soft to touch as he is covered and decorated with cozy felt – both young and old are sure to love him!  He (or she!) can be used for holding pencils, pens – all sorts of things!

Owl Eyes

Even though it is visually effective and gorgeous to touch, it is really easy to make…


Owl Craft for Kids ~ What You Need:

you will need watermarked

How To:

  1. Print the template and cut out all the parts.
  2. Lay the pieces on to the felt, trace and cut around them. For the different pieces, use different colors of felt.

  3. After you cut the main piece, wrap it around your tin can and use the hot glue gun to attach it. Take the eyes and nose and glue them onto the felt, a small dot

     on each piece is enough.

  4. There are two sized wing stencils, cut them both.
  5. Lay on top of the felt, trace and cut around them.
  6. Repeat step 5, but use the stencil for the front.  Cut the shape out of two different color felts.  We need four layers and will alternate the colors.
  7. Attach your four layers with hot glue.
  8. Then attach the wings on each side with hot glue.

how to watermarked

Add some pencils and you are finished!

Owl 5 watermarked

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