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Organize and Thrive

We are delighted to have a guest post by Megan Moyer of The Speech Summit.  She is going to share with us her top tips on getting her speech room organized for back to school – it really does make things that bit easier if you are organized!  Over to you Megan…

Welcome to my speech room! My name is Megan Moyer from “The Speech Summit”. I am so honored to be doing a guest blog post. I hope you enjoy this short trip into my speech room in a small town in Kansas. I am loving this new banner that will welcome my students into my room this year. Thank you to Dean Trout’s Little Shop of SLP for creating this for me. If you do not know her, then check out her store or Facebook page. She makes the cutest crafts, and is very talented.

Organize and ThriveVisit Dean’s Store here to find out more!

It is time to welcome in another school year. I love the beginning of the school year. The year brings new students, smiling faces, hugs from little ones, and many joys. However, we all know that it isn’t that easy! New challenges arise, IEP’s to write, scheduling meetings, attending trainings, and the never-ending paperwork that always seems to appear on my desk. It is all too easy to let the planning and preparation slide for our precious therapy time with students. The children are why we went into the profession in the first place. I have found that the more organized I am, the better I am able to serve my students in therapy. When the busy times come, and we all know they will, organization helps me stay afloat. So today I would love to share with you a few tips on how I keep organized. Come on into my room!

ORGANIZATION TIP #1: Articulation and Phonology, this is near the top of my list to organize. If I stay organized, I can plan therapy in a heartbeat. This year I wanted to create something new and exciting for my students. It was time for a change. Articulation Sound Rings, therapy on the go.

bulletin board

I am using the Articulation Sound Rings as a new twist on therapy. I simply cut out the circles, laminated, hole punched them, and held them together with a ring. No more stray cards on the speech room floor! I used thumbtacks to hang my rings on my bulletin board for easy access. You could also use hooks, hang them on a small rod, or simply store them in tubs. The rings are so versatile. The students can independently practice their target sound as a warm up at the start of therapy, while they wait for their turn with the SLP, or as a direct therapy option. The sound rings have words and pictures on them so that even the young ones can practice with a friend while they wait for their turn with you. I can’t wait to use them for my short five to ten minute sessions.

You can find my Articulation Sound Rings in my store, sold in small groups or in one money-saving bundle pack. I would love to hear the creative ways you use them!

Organize and Thrive

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Organize and Thrive

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ORGANIZATION TIP #2: Store your card decks and small therapy items in sorted tubs. I bought small containers, labeled them by speech sounds, and store them on bookshelves. Easy sorting, quick access to materials, and I never forget what materials I have. I also have a bookshelf and labeled tubs for my language materials. Perfect when I only have five minutes between therapy groups.


ORGANIZATION TIP #3: Teachers Pay Teachers materials. How do you store them after purchasing? I have seen many fabulous ideas from other SLPs, but I needed to find what worked for me. An SLP friend of mine made a storage shelf for me. It’s wonderful! She put four small rods in a homemade shelving unit. Again, someone who is very talented! I bought hanging plastic bags to store all my products in and simply hang them up. I sort them in four categories, one for each row (Articulation, Receptive Language, Expressive Language, and Seasonal. I love that I can grab my activities quickly.


hanging stoarage shelfLast but definitely not least, prayer is key for me! I wouldn’t make it through the day without Christ. So thankful He has placed me where He has to serve His children. I often say that the kids end up teaching me more than I teach them. Good luck to all the talented SLPs and professionals who are headed back to school. Wishing you a fabulous start to your year!


The Speech Summit

Megan Moyer, MA, CCC-SLP


Thanks Megan, for those really useful tips for getting organized!  I love your hanging storage shelf – that’s a great idea!  You can find out more from Megan at The Speech Summit on her  Teachers Pay Teachers page, her Facebook page and her Pinterest account.


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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out and for sharing how pretty your banner looks on your door!
    I love your organizational tips and how well you have made it work!

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