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Speech on the Beach!

Speech on the beach?  It may sound too good to be true!  Never mind ‘speech on the beach’ all year round!? In your own speech room?  Sandi, an SLP at Bunker Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV is going to show us how it’s done in her wonderful beach themed speech room.  I’m sure that this room is an uplifting space for both Sandi and her students.  I’ll let her tell you all about it:

My ‘Speech on the Beach’ Room

My heart is always at the beach.  I wanted to recreate that feeling in my speech room.  I tried to design a tranquil and inviting atmosphere for my students.  Outside of my room, in the hallway, I always post a “Tongue Twister of the Week.”

Speech on the beech

The students have fun with this word play and the teachers will bring it back to their classrooms for the students to practice.

I handmade my speech room sign this year.  My aim was for that first look to represent what my theme would be.  I feel that I was able to accomplish this goal with the color scheme.

Speech on the Beach collage 1

I have an articulation ladder entitled “Speech on the Beach.”  The articulation students really get a kick out of seeing their names move up the ladder as they progress through words, phrases, and up to conversation!

speech on the beach ladder

Speech on the beach collage 2

Having a sink in my room is great.  I am able to wash all of my “silent” fidget toys in hot soapy water each Friday.  The fidget toys are a variety of squishy and fun toys that only have one requirement…they do not make noise.  This is so the children are not disturbed when it is their turn for a speech task.

Speech on the beach 3 collage

I use the exercise ball to sit on during therapy.  No more lower back strain!

There are about ten pipes in my speech room, connected to an alarm system.  I try and hide it each year with a new drape or shower curtain.  This year I found a great scenic shower curtain featuring Fiji…I love to look over and see the ocean from my desk.

Speech on the beach collage 4

The rug I chose for some floor time was also based on my theme and color scheme.  I found this adorable teal rug with sand colored octopi…perfect!

Speech on the beach collage 5

I hope you get inspired to create a personal space that makes you smile each morning.


Thanks, Sandi for giving us the tour of your wonderfully refreshing room.  If you would like to see how Sandi had her room decorated with a mix of monochrome patterns and accents of colors last year, click here.


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