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A Monochrome Speech Room


If you like monochrome patterns mixed with color, then you’re in for a real treat today!  We have a guest post from Sandi, an SLP at Bunker Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV- her speech room is a beautiful combination of black and white patterns which work really well with the ocean green/blue fittings.  The room threw her a few decorating challenges when she first moved into it – and I’ll let her explain how she overcame these difficulties:


Hi there!  Well, my room looked like a college dorm room when I began.  I change my room every year, just to liven it up and make it fun!  The pipes in my room were a HUGE challenge.  I decided to cover them with really cute curtain panels.  Last year I used two shower curtains over the pipes:

Monochrome speech room 1

All of my bookcases and furniture were metal and boring.  I decided to cover the front of my desk with fabric and trim.

I have this awesome sink and cupboards in my room so I wanted to jazz them up!  I added ribbon to the edge of the shelf and covered all of my outlets and switch panels in fabric:

monochrome speech room 2

For my articulation ladder, I used a “cow print” background and used a play on words for the heading of “Moo-velous Speech.”  The students name moves up the ladder from words, phrases all the way to graduation from Speech!

monochrome speech room 3

monochrome speech room 4

I don’t have a window in my door so I always keep it propped open.  I added “Tongue twister of the week” outside my door for students to practice word play.  I also made my own name plate using ribbon and decoupage.


Thanks Sandi, for sharing your wonderful monochrome speech room with us.  I am super-impressed with the way the black and white work so well with the blue/green color!  The patterns you have used are really cute – from dots and chevrons to stripes and cow print!  Your room really is an inspiration to us all with lots of great ideas that can be used in many different rooms!



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