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Winter Designs – Snowman Bulletin Board

Winter is upon us and here at Speech Room Style, we are updating our bulletin board – in a cute snowman theme! This is one of the bulletin board ideas from our Bulletin Board Book Ideas for SLPs, currently for sale on TPT here. When I was creating the ideas for the bulletin board book, I found it hard to choose which layouts I liked best, but I have had great fun putting this one together!

snowman bulletin board main cover

You could really go crazy with this ‘snow’ theme! I chose my main color palette to be shades of blue and backed my board with some mid-blue card. I have some white icicle bordette roll which I think complements this theme really well. Then, to give the frame of the board some definition against the wall, I decided to add a layer of dark blue bordette around this (this may also have been influenced by the fact that I love the effect of using a double layer of bordette!). Sometimes I find that the corner joints of my bordette can be a little untidy – so I add a few buttons that complement my color scheme, covering up any untidiness and adding a little extra effect to my board!

Snowman Bulletin Board collage 1

Next, I made my little snowmen! I really enjoyed putting these together and I’m sure my students would love this too! In your speech class, you could have a ‘Do you wanna build a snowman…’ activity and decorate your bulletin board at the same time! Templates for the snowman (body, hat, scarf, nose and snowflakes) are all included in my book. All you need to do is print the templates and cut the shapes from card stock, then add googly eyes and some buttons for their coats if desired. I just drew on their little mouths with black dots to resemble coal – many different grins can be produced! I also stuck some cotton wool around the base of my snowmen to look like snow – if you don’t have any icicle bordette, then cotton wool could be used around the edges of your board for a snowy effect too.

snowman bulletin board collage 2

All of my bulletin board ideas in the book have a suggested ‘speechie’ slogan – for this winter board it is ‘Speech is snow cool’ but you can also get creative and make up many others!

To finish, I just arranged my snowmen and snowflakes around my board with the slogan in the middle – and my bulletin board was complete!

Snowman bulletin board big collage

To see some of the other bulletin board ideas in my book, check out my previous post here or you can buy my digital book from my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.



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