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Easy Christmas Crafts: #5 Winter Blocks!

Winter Block Craft

Today we have a really brrr-illiant block craft for you all!  I love the many ways that blocks like these can be used!  Look at the super-cute patterns and designs on each side of the cubes – and all in the Winter theme of course!  Best of all you can download our free template for these block designs and follow our instructions to make yourself a set of building blocks just like these!  They are very simple yet really effective!

So, lets get started!  Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

What you need collage

Now that we have all of the necessary tools, let’s get down to some serious cutting and sticking!  Here’s how I made these:

  1. Firstly, print out your free template download,How-to collage 1
  2. Then cut around the square designs – be as careful as you can with your cutting to make the edges as neat as possible!
  3. After cutting out your designs, taking one square at a time, evenly coat the back with a layer of Mod Podge, using your sponge brush (make sure that you have the edges and corners well coated as these are the areas that will get the most abuse!).  Remember to stick each of the three individual parts of the designs on separate blocks – particularly if you wish to use them as puzzles as shown in our pictures!How-to collage 2
  4. To get the neatest finish to your blocks, I found it best to allow each side to dry completely before starting the next.
  5. Complete steps 3 & 4 for each of the six sides of your blocks.

I hope that you will enjoy making and using your completed winter blocks – we had great fun building up and knocking ours over!

Finished product Collage






  1. What a great idea, and thank you for such easy to follow instructions. Love this!

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