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Where ‘Speech Dreams’ can come true!

Today, we are just thrilled to have a guest post from Danielle over at Speech Dreams.  She is going to show us around her speech room and share a few tips with us on how she keeps things organized in her room.  You will see as you take her tour that she’s not only very organized, but also very stylish!!  Enjoy the tour!  – over to Danielle…

Pic 7 - Door

Hello.  My name is Danielle.  Welcome to my little place in the speech world.  Things you should know about me: I love washi tape, planners, stationary products, stickers, glitter, hedgehogs and PINK!

Speech Dreams collage

Yep.  I teach at an elementary school and when the sun shines through my window and my lights are off in my room…it turns pink!  The kids walk by and say, “Wow!”.  Yes, I do have little boys on my caseload, but we have so much fun in my room that they don’t mind it being so pink at all!

I try to remind all of my students to be positive with my “Think Positive Thoughts” board:

Speech Dreams 2

I hide all of my therapy books behind beautiful fabric.  I “try” to hide all of my games in a game closet…but I have too many and they are starting to pile up everywhere!

Speech Dreams 3

You will always find a fruit filled water bottle and my Speech Planner on my table.  I tell you how to make your own Planner with my TpT product here: Speech Therapy Data Organizer.  I can sometimes be a little scattered, so this binder really helps me to keep my Medicaid billing, student progress and attendance all in one place!

You may see those bright totes on top of my cabinet:

Pic 8 - Storage close up

They house all of my craft supplies.  Well… not all, but most!  I have written on cards in alphabetical order what’s inside of each tote.  I have this taped behind the door of the cabinet.  That way I don’t have to drag each box down to find what I need.  I love my room as much as I love my job!

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of my room.  I would love for you to come visit my TpT store here: Speech Dreams

You can see what I’m doing each day in therapy if you follow me on Instagram @speechdreams and on Facebook here:  Speech Dreams.

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