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The Mobile Speech Room : Sublime Speech

Earlier in the Summer, we had a look at some of the most interesting places that you’ve had to carry out your work as an SLP.  Lots of you got in touch to tell us about your challenging spaces – from hallways to basements and everything in between!  On this theme, we are delighted to have this guest post from Sublime Speech who has had to vacate her speech room and opt for a mobile speech room – her car!  I’ll let her tell you all about it…

…After spending my entire SLP career in a school setting (Early Childhood and Elementary) I have made a huge change to Early Intervention.  Aside from moving about 500 miles from my previous home to Chicago, I will also be traveling many miles to see my new, and very small, clients.  As a traveling Early Intervention therapist many things will be different.  One of the biggest of these differences will be trading in my desk for my new office: my car.

As my car will now act as my office (along with a few coffee shops along the way) I had to get my trunk area ready and organized in a way that allowed me to move between items as I moved between clients.  Here’s how it is all set up:


One of the biggest things to staying organized for me is WebPT which is our web-based system for scheduling and maintaining client records.  It is great to not have to tote around oodles of paper.  This baby keeps my schedule ready, client information easily accessible, and SOAP notes contained all in one neat little iPad/laptop.  It also allows me to fax and keep in contact with a client’s OT/PT!  There are a lot of other great websites and apps that can help a traveling SLP stay organized with data and information as well.


However, I still love a good planner for keeping track of everything in my life.  I found this adorable small russell and hazel binder for my planner and use my favorite Staedtler marker pens from Target!  The binder even has dry-erase interior… how neat?!?  Plus, keeping it compact and easy to use is a must as a traveling therapist.


When it came to storing the items that I would be toting around with me I chose clear boxes that snap shut from Sterilite.  Surprisingly, they rarely move around in the trunk!  However, if they do, I know that I won’t open my trunk to see items spilled everywhere.  The clear boxes allow me to quickly see what is in a box and pull it out to take it into a session.  My boxes are in varying sizes.  The largest contains my “Library” of board books for sessions.  I also have smaller boxes for my IKEA food sets and puppets (see my post here) as well as some sweet Dollar Spot finds, bubbles, Mr. Potato Head, and play-doh.  I do carry some art supplies with me but rarely use them as parents typically have those in their homes.


Now, I don’t want to be carrying all of those individual pieces into a session.  On top of being difficult to balance when the ice invades Chicago this winter, having items out of sight can be very helpful.  I found these amazing, cute and large bags at IKEA for only $2!  I love that it zips, is super tall but still easy to sling over my shoulder, and didn’t cost so much that it can’t be easily replaced if needed.  I simply throw the boxes and items into the bag and head into a client session.


It’s not as spacious as my previous office, which was the size of a classroom, but I have made it my own and enjoy having an organized method to the madness.  If you are a traveling therapist or contemplating the change in placement, I would recommend putting organization/function before style.  But, having a few stylish and fun pieces never hurt an SLP!


Thanks for hosting me Speech Room Style!


If you’d like to learn more about me and my new adventures in Early Intervention, check me out here!






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  1. My office looks a lot like yours! I sure do miss having my own room, but I love the freedom that comes with my own space. Good luck in your new adventure Danielle!!

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