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Speech Room for a Modern SLP!

We have been blessed with lots of great speech room tours during the past few months and todays tour is jam-packed with great ideas incorporating décor and therapy.  We have a room tour from Christina, The Modern SLP – over to you Christina…


Hi guys! Something that has always been important to me is making sure my students feel comfortable and excited to come to speech. One way to ensure this is by making my speech room fun and fresh each year.

So, I would like to offer you a warm welcome to YOU in my speech room!

When students enter my room, this is what they see. I know, a lot of pink. Sure, I like pink. But, I even have to admit this is a lot, but I am working with it. I found the chair at a thrift store and used it as a jumping off point for the rest of my classroom. Kids can come in if they need a break and look at a book or play on the iPad. It is also a good waiting spot if they show up to speech early.

Picture 1

These are my main Inside Out bulletin boards. This summer when I saw the movie Inside Out, I was inspired to create some bulletin boards based on that theme. I try to change my bulletin boards every few months, so check out my blog regularly for some new ideas!

Picture 2

The first portion is each character with a word cloud of synonyms. This is part of one of my Inside Out therapy packs on TPT:

Picture 3

The middle square is a silhouette of the character from the movie, Riley, with the feelings in her brain. I found this idea from a movie poster. I enlarged a photo of the poster and cut out the picture of Riley. Next, I printed color pictures of each emotion character and used a small circle cutter to turn them into little parts of her mind. I attached the silhouette to green paper with foam adhesive to give it a little pop, and surrounded it using sticker letters to say: We are Going to Make Great Memories in Speech. After I got the picture of Riley up, I added all the memories. I used a circle paper cutter to make the memory marbles for each student’s name.

Picture 4

The last portion is made of Jill Kuzma’s FREE set of “size of your problem” scales. Check them out at her website:

I plan to write different scenarios on the laminated scales for each level of problem with some students this week. I’m excited to have an interactive bulletin board for emotional regulation!

Picture 5

The kids love these guys!

Picture 6

Onward to the rest of my room!

Our speech rules & our schedule each day in therapy:

Picture 7

I organize my therapy materials for the week in this basket (below left). The way I do therapy is that all the kids play the same game all week. For example, everyone will play BINGO, but I will target their speech goals during their session. So, fluency, language, pragmatic, and articulation kids will all play BINGO, but with different stimulus items. Playing one game has really helped me to keep things fun, and focus on planning just the stimulus for a particular goal.

Picture 8

Cards and my favorite materials are always at my finger tips on this shelf (above right).

Picture 9

Above the white board is this reminder on how to help remember to speak clearly.

Here is my (pink) articulation goal and progress monitoring (below left). Each student has a circle with their name and the sound they are working on. Some students have a few circles because they are working on multiple phonemes. As they reach each level of accuracy, they move up the wall. When they reach the top, at Generalization, they are done with that sound and may be ready to graduate! The levels are Isolation, Syllables, Words, Sentences, Reading, Conversation, ad Generalization. I got the frames from the Dollar Tree and spray painted them pink.

Picture 10

The Speech Time Line (above right) is something that we will use all year. I am trying to take as many pictures as possible during therapy sessions that I will post on the time line. That way, my students working on sequencing and concepts can talk about what happened in our class over the course of the year. Last year it was really fun to see what my students had been working on in previous months.

Picture 11

Our reward motivators – Sticker Charts & Treasure Chest

My (messy-ish) desk

Picture 12

I hope you have enjoyed the tour!

Thanks Christina for showing us around your speech room – you have so many great therapy ideas and décor in there!  Lots of inspiration for us all!  If you want to know more about Christina and follow her, you can do so by clicking on the following links:  The Modern SLP Blog, TpT Store or on Instagram: themodernslp 











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