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Speech Room Fairy

Are you looking for a way to sprinkle a little magic to your speech room? Let me introduce you to the Speech Room Fairy. With a quick wave of her magic wand, she can transform your space into a fairy wonderland. Click the links below to view more. Make sure to look everywhere as our teeny friend has randomly left little gifts throughout the posts to help you get started.

Invite the Speech Room Fairy into your room with

Having a magical little friend in the speech room can really unlock students’ imaginations!  He or she can help to motivate students, can keep an eye on their behavior and give praise as well as setting a good example for the students to imitate.  We had a lot of fun introducing our speech room fairy – check out our ideas here.

One of the best aspects of this educational approach is that you don’t need to buy a whole lot of new resources or props to use when creating your scenes – I used some dolls-house furniture outside the door as the ‘stage’ that could be set up as suggested for different topics or themes. Remember, however, to let your imagination run wild. You may decide to nix all of our ideas and come up with something fantastic all on your own!

To get you started, have a look at this Back to School for the Speech Room Fairy post, which includes a free fairy-sized folder, pencil, ruler and other bits and bobs for the fairy school bag in a printable format.  Below is a list of the other Speech Room Fairy posts that might inspire you throughout the year!

Seasons with the Speech Room Fairy

Holidays with the Speech Room Fairy


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