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Speech Room Decor on a Budget – Week 4

Hello and welcome to tip 4 of our Top 5 Tips for Decorating your Speech Room on a Budget!  There are always some soft furnishings in our classrooms and speech rooms – from cushions and comfy chairs to curtains and fabric screens.  Changing and rearranging some of these can make a nice change in your room – or even buying new fabric and recovering some items can have a big impact.

Top 5 Tips

Tip Four: Fantastic Fabric

Fabric can be used in sooo many ways!  You can re-cover the cushions in your reading ‘nook’ in a fabric that ties in with your decor scheme, you can reupholster your old comfy desk chair in the same fabric – and fabric can even be used to cover furniture instead of painting it!  It makes good use as a Bulletin Board cover too (check out our post about covering your bulletin board with fabric here) – it doesn’t fade as quickly as paper and next year it can even be re-purposed into something else!

There are many vibrant colors available – here are a few I found on Walmarts site:


We are just loving owls at the moment!  But if you were to choose one patterned fabric like I have with this owl one ( @ $4.41/yard) and two or three plainer colored fabrics (red and blue were priced @ $4.97/yard), you could mix and match to give a great look!

There are always clever new ideas out there using fabric too – check out these cool fabric desk wraps now available to buy on Etsy – a great way to brighten up a boring old desk!

fabric desk wrap etsy

These are available now at SRSDesign3 on Etsy.

So you see, fabric really is a versatile medium that can be used in loads of ways – the only limit is your imagination!

Don’t miss tip 5 of decorating your speech room on a budget next week!


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  1. I love the desk wraps! Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

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