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Speech Room Decor on a Budget – Week 3

Hi there!  Week three of our Top 5 tips on decorating your speech room on a budget and our tip this week is using wall decals – we love these!

Top 5 Tips


Tip Three: Wall Decals

Wall art is a great way to liven up any space and give it a focal point – but not all of us are brave enough to take on painting large wall murals in our classrooms!  This is where wall decals can come in very useful – there are so many available online to buy – from elaborate scenes to simple word art of a favorite quote – and they come in many great colors and designs!

Decals Collage

Both of these Decals are available to buy on Etsy at Nursery Decals and Pop Decals.  I have had experience with putting this type of Decor on my childrens’ bedroom walls and they really are quite easy to work with – just peel off and stick in place!  They look pretty good too!

You don’t just have to put them on walls either – they can be stuck onto furniture as well.  Use them to liven up boring filing cabinets or closets – check out what  mingo and grace have done with their drawer unit, isn’t it great!

decals on drawers mingo and grace







For more information on how they did this then pop over to their blog here.

So we hope that you will have a go at using decals – they are just so easy to use and can give a real burst of color and expression to any space!

Tip four is coming up next week – don’t forget to check it out!  And remember if you have any photos of these that you have used in your speech rooms or classrooms, we would just love to see them – submit your pics here!

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