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Speech Room Decor on A Budget – Week 1

Whether you work in the public or private sector, budget is always a factor when it comes to decorating. Today we are starting a little 5-week series giving you our Top 5 Tips for decorating your speech room or class room on a budget to give you the inspiration to get started on your room redo – whatever your budget!

Speech room -Top 5 Tips

The first and most important decision you need to make for your decor is ‘theme’ – whether it simply be your favorite colors this season or a theme like ‘Nature’ or ‘Owls’ or ‘Superheroes’, you will need to choose two or three main colors and try to stick with these through your project to hold it all together.

Tip One: Neat Storage

For us SLPs – and of course teachers too, storage is essential, but can sometimes be a bit untidy (not the prettiest part of our speech rooms!)!  However, with some clever planning, your storage can be part of your decor scheme – storage bins can be purchased in many colors and patterns – depending on your budget, you can really make a statement using colorful storage boxes.  Check out these fab colors available at the Dollar Tree:

Dollar tree storage

This selection has lots of primary colors – great for many different themes – and at a good price too!

If you already have storage boxes and can’t really justify buying more, then you should consider a storage bin makeover!  Look at what can be done – Christie over at First Grade Fever has made a wonderful job on her old yellowing storage boxes and given them a real new lease of life!  Love this idea!

Storage box repaint

Check out how Christie carried out this great makeover here!

Storage is an essential part of every speech room but with a little advance thought you can bring it all together and incorporate it wonderfully into your scheme!

Tip two on decorating your speech room on a budget coming up next week – remember to check it out!

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