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Space for Speech!

We love to see all kinds of real speech rooms here at Speech Room Style – from closet size to theatre size (are there any of those out there!?)!  Today Abby from School House Talk SLP is giving us a tour of her new speech room – and the great news for Abby is that she’s got more space than before – I’ll let her tell you all about it…
…When my husband’s job brought us to a new state, I was a bit nervous to start a new job in a new school district. One of the bright sides of this move was finding out I was getting an entire classroom to use as my new speech room. Wow! Talk about a blessing! We SLPs are used to working in hallways and closets and storage rooms. It was actually more challenging than I thought organizing and decorating such a large room, but I am NOT complaining. 🙂 I’m working with 3rd through 8th grade in this new setting, so I didn’t want anything too childish or busy. I focused on inexpensive decor and DIY projects to make this a welcoming space.
The view when you walk in the door. I have windows! I didn’t want to spend money making or buying curtains, so I used leftover lanterns from our wedding and bought some flowers/vases from the dollar store.
To the left of the door is the space for all my books and materials. I inherited these rocking chairs from the previous SLP, so I made a little reading corner. I’m planning on making some slipcovers for the chairs (because they’re a bit grimy looking). But that’s a project which can wait.
Continuing around the room, you come to the desk area. I loooved decorating this space. I cut out about 40 circles from scrapbook paper, then tried to arrange them in an ombre pattern on the front of my desk. You can also see the cork boards I painted hanging behind my desk.
There were four tables in my room, so I created four different “work areas”. This one is where I’m planning on doing testing and evaluations:
quotes about communication on the bulletin board
Here is the main area I work with students. I tried to keep all the cards and materials I use regularly right in this area. The smaller circle table is where most of my articulation materials are kept, and the kidney table is for language groups:

I made the speech banner myself, and will hang articulation rings on that bulletin board when I finish assembling them.

articulation area

The last corner of the room is….the bathroom! In my room! Students can wash their hands without leaving room! *blessed* You can also see where I store my games and articulation cans.

Since I’m working with older students this year, I tweaked my reinforcement plan by modifying this idea from The Speech Bubble. Our school has a building-wide superhero theme, so I incorporated a little of that into the mix. When students land on a prize space, they will scan a QR code to discover their prize, which might a physical prize, or computer/board game time, or bring a friend to speech, etc.

Superhero all-about-me pages on display.
Bulletin board outside my room.

Finally, a new thing I’m trying this year is a ticket out the door. I typed up some quick ideas that will take 15-30 seconds to practice and placed them in these envelopes. Students grab one before they leave, show me what they know in their target area, and then they’re on their way.

That’s it! A few ideas for arranging and organizing a large speech room. It’s still a work in progress, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. Thanks for letting me share my room on Speech Room Style!
You can keep up to date with Abbys School House Talk SLP blog here.  Thanks so much for the wonderful tour Abby, you really have made so much out of the space – it looks like a great space for your students!

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