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Seasonal Wall or Door Hanger for SLPs

We here at Speech Room Style are simply LOVING the gorgeous handcrafted door hangers that Dean Trout has been sharing with us the last few weeks. The rustic pineapple hanger is very welcoming, and the nautical style anchor is so versatile it could be used in any room! I can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us today. Let’s check it out, the floor is yours Dean…

Hi Everybody! I have mulled and pondered this design for about two years, and I’m very excited that it has finally come to be in real life!! I am pleased with everything about it. Probably because I’ve had plenty of time to work out all the bugs before I ever started on it.

This is a 14×18 inch burlap door or wall hanging with 4 interchangeable seasonal patches.

Seasonal Wall or Door Hanging for SLPs

In most places in the US, there is no school in the summer, so I omitted the summer patch and substituted a cute back to school patch. The classic apple is a fun way to ring in the new school year! It was my personal choice to use a football for fall, because let’s face it the bulk of our caseload is boys 🙂

Each patch is approximately 6 inches square and has two plastic snaps so it can be easily snapped on and off the hanging. The designs will always be the same but the colors may vary slightly due to the availability of fabric at the time I’m working on them.

Seasonal Wall or Door Hanging for SLPs

I love the idea of just changing out the patch to have a whole new look to the door/wall hanging. Quick and easy-peasy for you, but it will be the first thing your kids notice when they walk in the room!

This is how it looks prior to adding the patch.

Seasonal Wall or Door Hanging for SLPs

I have two male snaps attached to the hanger that the female snaps on the patches attach to. It has 2 grommets on the top to make hanging a breeze. I suggest using the sticky hooks like the clear Command™ hooks. You can’t even see them!

I’ve also used a double layer of burlap so that the back of the hanging is nice and neat in appearance, too.

    These hangings are customizable in two ways:

  • You can choose to have your name any way you want it on the top: first and last, Mr. or Mrs., So and So, etc.
  • You can word the bottom any way you want it from the way I have it as “Speech Language” to “Speech Therapy“, “Speech Office“, “SLP Office“…anything you want. If you share a room, you could have one class at the top and the other on the bottom (ex: “Reading“ on top — “Speech Language“ on the bottom).

Seasonal Wall or Door Hanging for SLPs

I will be offering holiday patches to buy separately at a later date.

These are now available in my Etsy Store here


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