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Reward Coupons for Speech Therapy

Do you sometimes find it tough to keep your reward jar stocked?  It can be difficult to keep up with demand!  That’s why I’ve come up with these reward coupons for speech therapy – and I like it so much that I think every SLP should have their own set – for FREE!  Take a break from keeping your treat jar filled and motivate your students using some of these reward ideas instead!

FREE SLP Reward Coupons by

“”…No more prize bins for me! Love the design, love the rewards, love the idea!…””

Often times we have found that students are motivated more by action-type rewards than object-rewards and trying these type of motivations could totally revamp your reward system!  Some of the rewards ideas include choosing a game to play, listening to music, sitting in the teachers chair, choosing a stuffed animal to hold – all easy to carry out, but ones that students will enjoy.

FREE SLP Reward Coupons by

There are 30 coupons for you to choose from – you may decide to put them all into your jar, or you may just choose the ones you think will motivate your students best!  They are all designed on a colorful background and once printed and laminated, they will last and last!

“”I’ve been using these in place of my regular treasure box this school year and they have been a hit! Also, much cheaper than constantly filling a toy/candy treasure box. The older kids love being the speech therapist for a day…””

Download your FREE copy of these Reward Coupons for Speech Therapy here.


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