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Returning to the Speech Room in Style!

We are thrilled to have been invited to tour yet another beautifully decorated speech room. After taking an eight year break to look after her own little ones, Lori Coughlin is returning to the speech room in style! She feels blessed to have such a large space to return to, so she decided to create an environment that is as warm and inviting as her home.


When Lori was last working, TpT wasn’t as well-known as it is now.  When preparing to go back, she stumbled upon TpT and their SLP resources and just couldn’t believe the wealth of goodies she found!  For any new SLP just starting out, TpT is definitely an amazing resource for both materials AND decor!

Keys To Good Communication

Lori knew that she wanted to incorporate turquoise into her color scheme because it has a very calming effect.  Then she stumbled across Nicole Allison’s Articulation Word Wall Kit on TpT and fell in love with the turquoise, pink, and navy color combo.  Using the kit along with accents of burlap gives her room lots of style with a touch of shabby chic.

Since there wasn’t a board on the wall, this clever SLP made a faux bulletin board by hanging up some bulletin board paper and attaching the words to ribbons with glue. Once dry she simply stapled them to the wall.

Keys To Good Communication

Lori used chevron borders in coordinating colors (MPM School Supplies) to frame different sections of the room.  We think that it adds lots of flare and helps to tie the entire room together. She also covered the back of her desk with chevron contact paper she found on Amazon. Just lovely!


So there it is…another successfully stylish speech room! We’d like to thank Mrs. Coughlin for sharing her lovely space. It is truly a room that will make you smile when you walk in.


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