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Putting the FUN in FUNctional!

We are delighted to have Tracy from Gold Country SLP drop by today to tell us how she transforms plain old functional items that are to be found in many of our Speech Rooms into fun yet functional items!  Can’t wait to hear what she has to say – over to you Tracy…

Putting the FUN into FUNctional Hello, I’m TracyMorlan, GoldCountrySLP-a 30-year SLP! As a long-time SLP with multiple sites, I have to set up my workspace at a total of three different schools…a daunting task!

At the end of the last school year, my SLPA and I decided it was time to do something about all of the spiral-bound workbooks. You know what I am talking about! They are difficult to manipulate at the copy machine-especially if you need to copy several different pages. She twisted out the wire binding, trimmed the pages and punched holes on one side. Then I rounded up many binders to put the pages in. Once we had the binders, we needed to figure out a way to label them. I started by making a set of labels, but over the summer decided to change them all! I’ve become obsessed with a particular digital scrapbook paper design by Always and Forever. They have many beautiful patterns in their store on Teachers Pay Teachers. Go check them out!

Here is a photo of what my binders looked like before….

Putting the fun into functional

…and after the make over!

Putting the Fun into Functional

The use of the chevron pattern did not stop there….here is a new sign for our door….which was previously unmarked.

Putting the Fun into Functional

A boring white board gets a facelift! These are my large chevron pennants, which I will be offering in my TpT store along with some of the other décor featured in this post!

Putting the Fun into Functional

Putting the Fun into FunctionalOne more use for the chevron paper……love this idea! It is both fun and FUNctional. Buy a shoe pocket-style holder (I found this one at WalMart). Label each pocket with a particular sound. As you can see, I am not quite finished with this. There are plans to add several more labels….for many more sounds…and possibly some language categories as well. Simply put your decks of cards in the appropriate pockets and they are within easy reach. I also plan to add sets of word/sentence strips to each pocket so the students can help themselves at the beginning of each speech session. My plan is to copy those strips in certain colors–indicating the initial, medial and final positions in words.

Here a totally boring window is transformed using my mini-chevron pennants, my DIY SLP Notepads and a few flowers left to me by a retired SLP.

Putting the Fun into Functional

Here I finally deviate from the use of the chevron paper….these are my DIY SLP Notepads…attached to a rolling cart by some stylish binder clips found at Target! Talk about FUNctional!!

Putting the Fun into FunctionalFind my notepads on my TPT store here.

I hope you got some ideas about how to make your speech room FUNctional! Visit my TpT store for some of these products!


Happy FUNctional Decorating!


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