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Memorial Day for the Speech Room Fairy

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The last Monday in May is a very special day….Memorial Day! While many of her friends are gearing up for picnics and barbeques, our Speech Room Fairy wants us to know the true meaning of this very honorable holiday. This is a day when all Americans are called on to show appreciation and remembrance to those men and women who have bravely served in our military and fought to keep our country safe for us.
To begin, she hangs a simple yellow ribbon from her door. This symbolizes support for our troops. During wartime, it might also mean that we want our soldiers to come home soon and most of all safely.

Memorial Ribbon
Another way our tiny friend shows her appreciation is to fly “Old Glory” in her yard. The custom is to fly the flag at half-staff or halfway up the pole until noon. This shows respect and recollection for those who were not so fortunate to make it home safely. At noon she will proudly raise her flag full-staff to show that our great country still lives on!
To craft a miniature flagpole you will need some twine/thread and a small dowel which you can find inexpensively at your local hardware or hobby store. Click here to download a tiny flag to use for your craft.

Making the flagpole collage
Fold your flag around the thread and affix it to itself with a bit of glue. Make sure the flag is firmly stuck to the thread. Cut a small slit in either end of the dowel with a knife or box cutter. Loop your thread around the dowel using the slits you have created to keep it in place. You want the thread to be tight enough to support your flag, but slack enough to change its position at noon. Remember to have some thread leftover so you can tie it off in create your mini flag pole. Finally you can use a bit of modeling clay to hold your flagpole up.

Flags at mast
There are so many special activities that your fairy can be involved in – for more fairy fun, check out my Speech Room Fairy Bundle on TPT:

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Our speech room friend wants us to remember this as a day of observance and also celebration. A bit of red, white, and blue garland made from pipe cleaners strung around her door and streamers decorating her yard will add the perfect touch for this wonderful day.

The Speech Room Fairy wonders what you will do to celebrate Memorial Day? Do you know a veteran? Perhaps baking a fresh batch of cookies and delivering them to their home will show your appreciation. You could even stop by your local Veteran’s Association to let them know you care and that they are not forgotten. If you are unable to do these things, don’t forget that the National Moment of Remembrance is at 3 pm. All Americans are asked to pause for one minute in respect and recollection. Even the small things can make a world of difference!

Memorial Day Collage


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