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Speech Room Decor: Making the Most of Your Space

Speech Room Decor: Making the Most of Your Speech Space


Do you love watching DIY makeover shows on TV?  I do!  I love to see the transformation between the usually dull and drab first visit and the dramatic final tour once the remodelling has been completed!  Sometimes I envy the creativity of the designers and participants in those shows – they really seem to know how to make the most of those once dull spaces.  I would sometimes love to have them visit my speech room and show me how to really make the most of my speech space.  Well I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so as a very close second best, I’ve decided to visit a few ‘magicians’ of the speech room decor world and here are some of the best bits that I’ve found on their blog pages.

Beautiful Speech Room Decor – How do they do it?

Speech Room Decor: Making the Most of Your Speech Space

  • Nicole Allison’s Speech Room: What a beautiful use of your speech space Nicole!  This renovation of a room over the garage into a speech therapy room is just charming.  If you are considering remodeling an unused room in your home into a room from which to work from home in, then you’ll find it very difficult to find a better inspiration than Nicole’s speech room!  I absolutely love the way you’ve even made the staircase leading to your speech room ‘wordy’ too!


Speech Room Decor: Making the Most of Your Speech Space

  • Natalie Snyders Speech Room Tour: This is just a lovely space that I’m sure your lucky students love to come to, Natalie!  The use of calming colors like greens and blues creates a relaxed environment for therapy.  The room has the normal desks and cabinets that you’d expect to find in a therapy room, but it has some comfy ‘homely’ features too – soft rugs and chilling chairs.  I think that the high-level shelf running around the room is a really clever feature too – keep distracting resources out of sight and reach of little wandering hands!


Speech Room Decor: Making the Most of Your Speech Space

  • A Peek at my Speech Room by Lauren: A wonderful tour of a functional and well thought out speech space!  The use of the chalkboard theme with aqua accents is really effective and eye catching and gives a real ‘theme’ to the room. I just love the idea of using dry erase wall stickers on your desks to give each student a sense of their own space and also for writing on – don’t you just love multi-purpose?!


Speech Room Decor: Making the Most of Your Speech Space

  • Speech Therapy Bulletin Boards – Functional ways to use your space: Speech Room Decor doesn’t have to be complicated. Felice, The Dabbling Speechie, explains some of the ways that she has used her bulletin boards as a resource during therapy, as a way to inform parents, teachers and other visitors to her speech room of all the amazing areas of speech that are covered by SLPs.  Have you fully realized the potential in your bulletin boards?  Read this post and you will.


Speech Room Decor: Making the Most of Your Speech Space

  • Superhero Classroom Theme:  Maybe you are feeling enthused by reading the blog posts listed above but you don’t feel that you have the amazing creativity that those folks have!  Well why not try using a speech room decor pack to make the most of your speech space?  I have designed this editable decor pack in a cute superhero theme that contains all that you will need to decorate your speech room – all you need to do is download, edit, print (& laminate if desired!) & get decorating!  Why not click over to the link above and check it out!


I hope that you have enjoyed browsing these blog posts as much as I did – it’s just awesome to see how speech spaces don’t need to be boring to be functional, and how some of our talented colleagues can achieve both with great style!  If you have a speech room that you would like to feature in Speech Room Style, then just hit the ‘Be a Guest Blogger at SpeechRoomStyle’ button at the top of the page!  Thanks for reading!



  1. Thank you for your kind words! It was definitely a lot of work to convert that space but it was well worth it!

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