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A Little Speech Room Tour…

I’m Kathryn and you are very welcome to my little Speech Room.  Since you will be seeing a lot of this room right here on the blog I thought it would be nice to give you a tour.

It’s part of my home which means on certain days I can work right here – a wonderful change from long commutes.

speech room

We live deep in the countryside on a farm and I love that my garden is right outside the window.


In fact my garden wraps right around the room. On the very many rainy days I can listen to the rain from safety of the inside!


It’s also a very relaxed setting for therapy and the room is just the right size to contain everything I need but also give plenty of space for both parent and child. I mainly work at home with the Pre-K population so generally parents come along too.


I love the high ceilings and neutral wall colors. The many windows mean that there is also plenty of light and it reminds me a little of an old fashioned schoolhouse. ( It does get a little chilly in winter though!)


Here is how the room looked when I first set it up as a Speech Room several years ago. This picture lets you know that it is very much a home based environment (I hope my kitchen is clean!)


Since this picture was taken, my wonderful , lively son has joined our family and so sometimes my beautiful room has looked more like a little bit of crazy!

It’s all good but time to make a change. Although I don’t have any home based Speech Therapy clients right now, I am reclaiming my speech space and I’m enjoying having a room just for me again. I also have a home office separate to my speech room and I try to contain most of my own chaos up there!



I’m excited to have a space to contain my craft projects, inspire my blogging ideas and as a backdrop to show you all the wonderful ways you can craft your own room.

My little space is about to undergo several make-overs and transformations so you will see that whether you have a closet, a classroom or just a corner to work in, you are sure to find ideas to inspire your very own Speech Room Style.

I’m so looking forward to having you follow along with me.



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  1. Ok, it is official. I need to come visit you! I love your space – especially the beautiful garden outside the window!

  2. Your home is beautiful, and your photographs are just gorgeous. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

  3. Wow, what neat pictures! Looks so welcoming!


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