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Introducing … the Speech Room Fairy!

The Speech Room Fairy

I would like to start by thanking you all for the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve received for my newest line of “Speech Room Fairy” products. More importantly, many of you would like to know how exactly to introduce the newest little member of your speech group to your students.   For starters, how ‘magical’ your introduction will be will depend on a few things such as your own talent for drama and storytelling, the ages of your students, and their abilities.

Most school aged children will have some basic knowledge about the infamous ‘Tooth Fairy.’ An easy start could be to reference this familiar character and explain that the Speech Room Fairy is very similar. Perhaps the Tooth Fairy and the Speech Room Fairy are distant cousins, and much like people (and students) each fairy has his/her own special job to do. Again, you can let your imagination run wild here depending on your students’ responses.  I’ve set up a fairy door on my bookshelf (our fairy loves reading books – and of course the games on the shelves are of interest too!):

Speech room fairy

You don’t need to buy a fairy door like this one though if your classroom budget doesn’t allow – you could use our fairy craftivity below as your fairy door – I think it looks pretty cute too!  It is included in our Speech Room Fairy Value Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers – check it out here.

the speech room fairy craftivity

Speech Fairies can be great role models!  In keeping with this theme, you could explain that the Speech Room Fairy actually lives in the Speech Room, and that her special job is to help the students to work hard to achieve their goals. “How?” your students might ask. Fairies are great problem solvers and love lending a helping hand. Explain that the students can write notes to the fairy, and in return, she will write back to offer suggestions and motivation.  You could create a little fairy postbox (an empty tissue box or shoebox with a slot cut in the lid covered in decorative paper) for students to mail their notes to the fairy.  Our Fairy Welcome Packet (included in the Speech Room Fairy Bundle) gives you the templates need to get your students writing those letters!

The Speech Room Fairy 2

Knowing a few fairy characteristics might ease the transition as well. For instance, you may never see the Speech Room Fairy because fairies are very secretive little creatures. However, sometimes students may see signs that the fairy has left behind (like this broom above!).  You can also tell them that fairies love to be loved and enjoy receiving letters, gifts and small treats (especially raisins!). Perhaps one day the Speech Room Fairy will return the favor and leave your students a small treat too!

Fairies also like to keep things neat and tidy. Discuss with your students things they can do to keep the area outside the fairy’s door just the way she likes it. This is a great opportunity to discuss expectations or to assign classroom duties. Who doesn’t love to plan for a clean Speech Room?! Remeber for more fairy activities for your students are included in my Speech Room Fairy Value Bundle on TPT:

thumbnail pic of fairy packClick on the image to see more!

As you can see the Speech Room Fairy opens up a whole new world to your students while teaching them the benefits of sharing, communicating, and taking responsibility in an exciting and magical way.  Check in again next month to see how our Speech Room Fairy is getting settled into her new home!


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