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Halloween Themed Speech Room Door

We all love decorating our front doors at home for Hallowe’en to welcome those ghoulish visitors – so why should the speech room door be any different?  According to Samantha Washington, the speech room door should be adorned for halloween too – and we just love how she’s accomplished it:

Halloween themed speech room door


Love the inventive slogan!  Samantha used bulletin board paper cut into strips to mummify her door.  Then using circle cut-outs for eyes and lettering for her slogan, she was able to conjure up such a wonderful halloween addition to her speech room.  Samantha said that she opted for the paper strips rather than toilet roll as she knew that the toilet roll couldn’t stand up to the daily use.  I think she is right and I hope that her mummified door will excite and intrigue all her students when coming to class – and those passing in the hallway too!


Thanks, Samantha, for allowing us to feature your door decoration – I’m sure it will provide inspiration to many other SLPs out there!


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