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A Fairy Spooky Hallowe’en

The Speech Room Fairy

October is here and everyone knows what that means….Halloween is just around the corner! The Speech Room Fairy has been busy ‘spooking’ up the place getting ready for all the trick-or-treaters who will be visiting the Speech Room this Halloween.
Every haunted doorway comes adorned in cobwebs. You could simply stretch apart some cotton wool to hang around the door. If you want to take a more magical approach, you can follow these few simple steps and make some sparkly webs:

Webs Collage Halloween Fairy

I must admit that I was too impatient to wait for my webs to dry ‘au naturel’ – so I blow-dried them!  I think that this actually worked quite well as they were then flexible enough to shape and mould a little when placing on the fairy door.  I did need to slide my nail under each web as I was peeling them off, so be careful when removing them as they may not just come away from the paper very easily!

Completed webs Collage Halloween Fairy

Check out the ‘table’ that was made for our fairy by one of our little ‘fairy watchers’!  He glued together a sorting button and a chunky felt tip lid for the fairy to use as a table!  It’s amazing how students can get so involved with their ‘fairy’!  A table makes a great place for leaving and collecting notes to and from the fairy and it’s something we have made a lot of use of!  For more activities involving the fairy, check out my Speech Room Fairy Value Bundle on TPT :

thumbnail pic of fairy packClick the image for more details on the pack!

The decorations will not be complete until we set out a jack-o-lantern! It just wouldn’t be Halloween without one! Even the least crafty of us can mould a tiny pumpkin to set outside our fairy’s door, and won’t her visitors be excited when they see all of her hard work!

Pumpkin Collage Halloween Fairy

I loved working with the Jumping Clay so much that I had to make 3 pumpkins for our fairy!  I’m sure your students would love making some too if your budget allows!

Finished Pumpkins Collage Halloween Fairy

The Speech Room Fairy could never forget her most special friends this season. Perhaps she can show her appreciation by setting out tiny ‘fairy-sized’ candies to spell the words ‘Trick-or-Treat’ on the table. This will let her Speech friends know just how much they mean to her!

Halloween Fairy Collage

We wish you all a ‘fairy’ Happy Halloween!  Remember to check out our Fairy Value Bundle in our TPT Store!


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