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Easy Christmas Crafts: #7 Button Tree

Now we are really starting to get into the Christmas spirit! Our latest craft to share with you is an adorable button Christmas tree – this is really easy to make and would make a super gift – or it would look lovely on your own shelf too I’m sure!

Cover Pic (1)

I think buttons are great for crafts – that’s probably why I have so many of them!  To make this tree you will need to dig out lots of green buttons and a few other things – here’s our list of what’s needed:What you'll needThen just follow a few simple steps to make your own Button Tree!

  1. I started by pinning my larger buttons onto the polystyrene cones.  For the larger buttons, you might need to use 2 pins for each button to hold them in place.Steps 1 & 2
  2. Once you have fairly well covered the polystyrene using the larger buttons, you can start to fill in the gaps using smaller ones – 1 pin per button is generally sufficient for these!
  3. Continue covering up the polystyrene in this way until only green buttons and colorful pins can be seen!  Remember to be careful when pinning the buttons on near the top – if you are using long pins they could punch through the other side of your tree.  I found that pointing my pins downwards helped to avoid any finger pricks!Step 3

It really is as easy as that!  A beautiful Christmassy decoration made using only 3 materials!  I hope that you will enjoy making yours!



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