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Easy Christmas Crafts: #4 Card Tree Ornaments

Today’s Christmas Ornament Craft could double up as a Christmas gift!  These ornaments can be made from various types of cardstock, old Christmas cards, photos or even students artwork!

Title image (1)These cute ornaments could be made with students as a gift for parents/grandparents with either photos or special artwork shown on them!  Alternatively you could make use of old Christmas cards – I always save my favorite card designs – and this would be a really useful way to preserve them!

So, lets get started!  Here is a list of what you will need:

What you'll need Collage (2)Once you have collected all your materials, there are a few easy steps to follow to complete your tree ornament:

  1. Cut out 8-10 circles from your selected card – the ones I have used are 31/4″ circles.  A die cutter will make this job so much easier and neater!  For photos, you could add a frame by cutting a smaller circle out of a larger one.Step 1 Collage
  2. Gently fold your circles in half (just to make a fold in them).  Glue the left half of one of your circles to the right half of another…Step 2 Collage…continue in this way until you have glued all 8-10 pieces together.  Leave to dry.  (If you are using stiff card, it may be helpful to hold each spine together till fully set – I used clothespins to do this!)
  3. Once dry, you will see that there is a little hollow area in the middle of your ornament – perfect to thread your ribbon/cord through.Step 3You can use a large need to guide you if necessary. Now your tree decoration is ready to hang or be boxed-up ready to be given as a gift to be treasured!

Finished decoration CollageAs you can see, I have made a variety of these!  I just love the photo and artwork ones – they are sure to be a much-loved tree ornament for years to come!

I hope that you have enjoyed the Christmas Tree Ornament Craft – it is so versatile that I’m sure you have a few ideas of your own to make yours that bit extra-special!  Look out for more Christmas craft projects coming soon!



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