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Easy Christmas Crafts: #2 Foil Decorations

Today we continue with our Christmas craft theme – and we bring you these super-easy Foil Decorations.

Cover pic

They are really easy to make and most of the materials required are already in your home!  Lets get started!

Here’s a list of what you will need:

What you will need Collage (1)This is how I made these ones:

  1. Using the glue stick, spread glue all over the non-shiny side of the foil.Steps 1 & 2 Collage
  2. Fold foil in half – glue sides together- with the shiny side facing out.  Then smooth out the surface with your hand.  The smoother the surface, the more your designs will stand out!
  3. Now you need to find some Christmas designs that you like from old Christmas cards and trace over them with your tracing paper.  I used a fairy, a bell, a tree ornament and a snowman for ours!steps 3 & 4 Collage
  4. Next you will need to divide your large sheet of foil into smaller squares that your individual designs will fit onto.  Place your glued foil sandwich onto a magazine, lay your traced design over it and start tracing with your pen (students may need your help to hold things steady – to keep the design in place!).  Lean heavy enough to make your design stand out, but not so heavy as to punch a hole in your foil.
  5. At this stage you are ready to cut around your design (students use safety scissors).
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for your other designs.
  7. Finished Decorations collage (1)Attach ribbon loops onto your foil designs – you can glue or punch a hole and thread through the ribbon – I just stuck mine on!  Hey presto! Your foil decorations are now ready to hang!  Why not give it a try?  I’m sure that you already have most of the items needed in your cupboards!  I Hope you enjoy making them as much as I did – there is something very therapeutic about tracing on foil!  Remember we will be posting more Christmas Crafty Ideas in the coming days!

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