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Camp Out in Speech!

Have we got a treat for you today! Christina Bruno has put together a fun yet practical speech room this year, and we are simply delighted to have been invited to “Camp Out” in her Speech room. She has found so many “camping” elements for this space, it makes me want to break out the marshmallows and get to making some yummy smore’s!

Camp Out in Speech!

The main focal point in this room is obviously this simple cloth tee-pee. We simply adore her chevron fabric choice. It organically ties the triangular shape of the tee-pee with other accessories found throughout the room without being too busy. The tee-pee could also double as a fun camp site reading nook for the kiddos.

The fire mound is cute too. The colorful flames (made from felt stuffed with cotton) and beanbag “rocks” seem to be inviting guests to sit around the campfire to talk and share stories. Always a plus in a speech room!

Camp Out in Speech!

Keeping with the camp theme, Christina found this adorable kit (Paper Source) that makes twelve unique mini tee-pees. She then affixed a strip of ribbon to each cabinet door and attached small clip-on tags.  What are on those tags you ask? It’s birthdays! What a wonderful way to show each student that they hold a special place in your heart…and in your room!

Camp Out in Speech!

To maximize the usefulness of her space, Christina has set up a couple of horizontal shelving units underneath her SmartBoard. Using cloth storage bins on shelving provides ample storage space while keeping the room looking neat. No more stuff just stacked haphazardly for all to see!

On top she’s created a nifty little “articulation station” using Mia McDaniel’s DIY Articulation Cans printable (TpT). Each can is labeled with a different articulation sound target and filled with tongue depressors adorned with images to practice that sound. We absolutely love this idea…and she says that the students do too!

Camp Out in Speech!

Attention to detail is what really pulls this “camp ground” together, and this SLP has pulled out all the stops on this one! Everything from rugged strips of natural colored fabric hung from her desk to the “knotted-wood” border on her “I can” bulletin board just scream outdoors and make all the difference.

We’d like to thank Ms. Bruno for sharing her gorgeous camp speech room with us, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

To find more camping themed inspiration and ideas for therapy please read Creative Speech Camp…In Your Speech Room!


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