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The Autumnal Speech Room Fairy

The Speech Room Fairy

Ahhhh…tumn! Outside the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling, and we watch in awe as our bright Summer landscape transforms into an inviting golden play land. I wonder what our Speech Room Fairy will be up to this month?

The Autumnal Speech Fairy 1

Perhaps our small friend has a hand in all of the wonderful new Fall colors we are observing. Wouldn’t it be fun to come into class and find a tiny paint bucket and brush left outside the fairy’s door? Cut small leaves from orange, yellow, and brown felt to hang outside of her door ( I just drew some tiny leaf outlines and cut around them):

The Autumnal Speech Fairy Collage 1

Next you will need to assemble your fairies leaf-drying line:

The Autumnal Speech Fairy Collage 2

As our Speech Fairies door is fixed to the bookshelf, I stuck the other end of the drying line to the bookshelf behind the door.  To keep the twig steady, I used a blob of white tac and secured it in that!

Now the fairy will need some paint for painting the leaves:

The Autumnal Speech Fairy Collage 3

You’ve just created an adorable scene and more importantly a whole new world of discussion with your students. Of course the Speech Room Fairy is inside taking a small break because painting the entire forest in time for Autumn is surely hard work!

For more ‘fairy’ activities, check out my printable fairy bundle on TPT:

thumbnail pic of fairy packClick the image to view the pack!

The Autumnal Fairy Collage 4

Another activity our fairy loves in Fall is going on nature walks. You never know what you might find strolling through the forest…or even around the school! Spark your students’ love for exploration and discovery by setting out tiny baskets filled with acorns or tiny apples made of Jumping Clay. If your budget allows, we found an adorable “fairy basket” made from a walnut shell here. It would be the perfect size to hold small candies or, our fairy’s favorite….delicious, nutritious, RAISINS!

There are so many Fall themed activities that can be inspired by your Speech Fairy – I hope you will have a go at some of them and that you have as much fun in the process as we did!

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