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Another Inspirational Speech Room!

One of my favorite things as a child about going ‘back-to-school’ was the newness of everything – the new school bag, lunch box and books.  I must admit the smell of a new backpack always reminds me of back to school!  We have a guest post today from Kim over at Activity Tailor and she has a brand new speech room that she is going to share with us! This looks so fresh and new that I can almost get that faint ‘back to school smell’!  Over to you Kim…

…About a week after school ended, I found out that my space would be changing. Lucky for me, a staff of wonderful maintenance workers packed up my office and moved the boxes into the new space. I continued to enjoy my summer and thought that one rainy afternoon; I’d head over and start organizing.

Best intentions, right?! Along comes August and I still haven’t touched or even seen a box and then I get another email—moved again! So I dodged a bullet there, but now I was assigned to a room I didn’t realize existed….

I dropped my son off for his first day and set out to unearth my own supplies (my students start later than he does) and, turns out, it’s lovely!

I started with this:

Inspirational Speech Room

And ended with this:

Inspirational Speech Room

Let’s take a little tour!

On the walls I have the ASHA approved posters I picked up at last year’s convention. Turns out they’re an odd size for framing so I bought inexpensive poster frames which were too long and covered the inside cardboard with polka dot wrapping paper for a cheap mat fix.

Posters from the Stuttering Foundation, a few printed freebies from my online SLPs and a poster I loved on Zazzle.

I’m also really excited about the adorable “Speech Room” banner from Dean Trout! (I was able to locate inexpensive valences online that coordinate well enough).

Inspirational Speech Room

My games are all visible on the bookcase and I found these darling boxes at my local Harris Teeter. The clear film even flips up if we want to “feed” an animal anything! I bought enough that my most popular sounds each get a box and I labelled them so we all know what we’re working on.

Inspirational Speech Room

In my closet, I have animal print totes with extra artic games, language activities, supplies as well as reference books. It seems like a lot of stuff, but I’ve actually got a closet at home filled too! Eek!

Inspirational Speech Room

My cabinet actually has space for my jacket and bag and also holds my literacy materials. I feel like all this organization is going to make life so much easier this year!

The majority of my students are elementary aged (4-11 years). That’s a wide range, so I need to make sure my room isn’t too baby-ish. I keep the sandbox, play mat and toys away. My big kid games are visible and I can tuck away the animal cubes quickly if someone finds them offensive.

I spent a few years working out of a large rolling bag and my trunk, so I feel quite pampered these days!

You can see what happens in my room here or here. Or shop my activities here!

Thanks, Kim for giving us this fab tour!  Your room looks warm and welcoming – I’m sure your students love learning in there – you have done a great job decorating!!



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