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A Sporting Speech Room

Sports can often make a great motivational theme for your speech room and todays sporting-themed featured room includes lots of different inspiring sports throughout.  Chrissy, an SLP from Palmetto, Florida is the author of this team-spirited room and we are thrilled to feature it on our blog today!

Sporting speech room collage 1

Chrissy hasn’t just focused her décor on one sport – she has included different sports to suit different students preferences.  Athlethes must work pretty hard to achieve success and speech students will hopefully be inspired by them to work really hard to reach their goals too!  Her motto – ‘A Team of Champions on a Learning Adventure’, reflects this:

A sporting speech room 2

She has even designed her own sports-themed ‘getting to know you’ activity to reinforce how her students are each unique team players (to see this product in more detail, click here).

Chrissy is very thrifty and likes to find new purposes for old things.  We all buy t-shirts to support charities and groups close to our hearts, but often don’t find many opportunities to wear them.  Well, she has repurposed her old the March of the Dimes, BUDS (Bringing up Down Syndrome), the local animal sanctuary and many more t-shirts into …. curtains that cover her shelving!

20150914_143739-1Well, it was actually her mom that sewed them together, but the idea is hers!  She cut each t=shirt into large equal-sized squares and sewed them together.  She then folded them over at the top and sewed a large loop across for the tension rod that they are hanging from to slide through.  What a great way to use old t-shirts while covering up distractions on your shelf!

Another great thrifty idea that she has used is to turn an old spice rack into an office ‘bits and bobs’ store:

20150911_082608What a fab way to store all those little fidgety things that go missing around your room!  If you love this idea and want to make your own, you can find Chrissy’s purple peach clipart here on TpT.

The purple peach is the theme picture for Chrissy’s store on TpT, Miss Chriss’s Peech Room.  She makes most of the materials that she uses with her students and loves incorporating literacy into her lessons:

Sporting Speech Room 3


These are all her own accompaniment resources to popular books: Room on the Broom, Skeleton Hiccups and The Very Busy Spider (click the links to see more).  Chrissy usually creates activities to support the concepts/vocabulary she targets whilst reading the story aloud.

“It’s not uncommon to hear me hootin’ and hollering as I cheer my students on.  My room is a pretty accurate display of my personality.  The inspirational and funny signs and sayings around my room are the things most people hear me say on a daily basis.  I look forward to going to work everyday!”

Well we have really enjoyed seeing how you have incorporated the sports theme into your speech room Chrissy – both in the Décor and in the attitudes and the resources.  If you’d like to stay up-to-date with Chrissy, you can do so by clicking the following links:

Miss Chris’s Peech Room on TpT or her Facebook page.


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