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Moowi Doggy Hand Puppet Review

Moowi were kind enough to send me this gorgeous doggy hand puppet for review.

The puppet is soft and tactile with an expressive face, it has immediate appeal for small children.

Doggy Hand Puppet

It is worth noting that the sizing is quite small. I have small hands (I can often wear children’s gloves!) and I found that I was only able to move the puppet just enough to manipulate it. My husband cannot get his hand inside at all. The benefit to the size is that it is much easier for children to handle. It fitted my 5 year old son perfectly and would be comfortable for older children also.

The doggy hand puppet is marketed as a toy that can help children with speech sound development through modelling lip and tongue positions. The tongue is made of thick material and so when you use your hand to position it, it does stay in place somewhat. You can also move the upper and lower jaw with your hand. The range of accurate sounds that can be represented is limited because of lack of control over the tongue however I used it to prompt some artic work with my son and modeled the contrast between /f/ and /th/ and he immediately copied the puppet and achieved the sound production.

Doggy Hand Puppet

The fabric is silky and soft and it has quickly become a favorite toy at home. The Moowi puppets are priced to make them affordable for home use and I think they would be a great addition for parents working to support their children at home.

Doggy Hand Puppet

I was provided with a doggy hand puppet for review by Moowi however the opinions expressed are my own.


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