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SLP Monthly Must Have SALE on TPT

There is one date in the month that you NEED to mark on your planner! Each month during the school year, on the lucky 7th, SLPs will be giving you our SLP must have item of the month at a massive 50% discount.


The blogger with the bright idea was Lindsey from Word Nerd Speech Teach. She suggested that each month, on the 7th, we should all offer an AMAZING deal by discounting our must-have product for the month by 50%. That’s a great discount!

With so many great SLP stores on TPT, finding all of these deals is a bit like a treasure hunt. Since we don’t have a treasure map, here is an easy way you can make sure you find each and every one of these little gems.

Simply click through the store images below to browse the sale items.

Please note: If you are checking out the links on any other day of the month you will NOT see a discount. Please remember to come back to this page on the 7th!

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Instructions for Sellers:

  • Go to your TPT account and create a custom category. I named mine #SLPmusthave.
  • Select your must have product and add it to the category (to retain the element of surprise, most sellers only add the product to be discounted on the day of the sale. For the rest of the month you can either leave the category empty or display last month’s product).
  • Use the linky above to link directly to the category you have created. Please do not link to your store front.
  • You only need to link up once, just remember to change your product within your category each month as you apply the discount.
  • Incorrect links will be deleted. We want to keep this easy to use for our customers. Thanks for understanding.



  1. On the 7th of each month search TpT for the monthly hashtag e.g. #septslpmusthave #octslpmusthave etc.
  2. Go now and “join” this event reminder from Natalie Snyders on TPT. That way when you logon to Facebook in the run up to the event you will see reminders.
  3. Follow your favorite SLP sellers on social media to see posts and updates on the sale item.